1830-1838: Courage

After the end of the Napoleonic rule the Electorate of Hesse was restored in 1813. In the following year Wilhelm Grimm obtained the position of library assistant at the State Library of Kassel. In 1816 Jacob Grimm was employed as the second librarian. Until 1829 both brothers lived with their siblings in Kassel, at Wilhelmshöher Platz (today: Brüder Grimm-Platz), Fünffensterstraße and Schöne Aussicht (Bellevue). During this time they developed further their scientific concepts and published other groundbreaking works.

In 1822 their sister Charlotte married the assistant judge and future Secretary of State Ludwig Hassenpflug. In 1825 Wilhelm Grimm wed Dorothea Wild (called “Dortchen”), a daughter of the chemist in the pharmacy called „Sonnenapotheke“. In 1828 she bore him a son, Herman, who later did research on Goethe and the fine arts. Jacob Grimm never married and until his death he lived in the household of his brother. Both maintained a friendly relationship with the Electress Auguste of Hesse. Elector Wilhelm II, in power since 1821, did not appreciate them and denied their promotion in 1829. For this reason they accepted positions as professors at the University of Göttingen.


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